Spoon Blue Farm is an exceptional equine boarding facility.  Geoff and Elisa Wenturine provide first-class care for all of the horses at the farm.  The farm is a great place for riders of all disciplines, both novice and advanced.  I highly recommend boarding here.  When I relocated I was so sad to leave!

-Sarah Rivero Khandjian


I've always loved the countryside and shared my youngest daughter's love of horses.  The most land we were ever lucky enough to own was 1 and 1/2 acres of woodlands- not a great place to keep or ride a horse.  Suzie convinced me to rescue Sadie at auction and keep her boarded at her trainer's place in Havana.  Knowing very little about keeping a horse healthy and safe, this was not a good decision- 3 years later Spoon Blue was an answer to all my prayers and worries.

The last 17 years of my horse's life were spent with people who cared for her as if she were one of their own.  She had almost 100 acres of land to play, exercise and socialize on with a gentle herd.  The two main reasons for this were two great people- Elisa and Geoff Wenturine-experienced riders and caregivers.  Elisa and Geoff are on the property 24/7.  Horses are stalled for part of the day and return to pasture where they enjoy being a horse without paddock confinement.

The first 3 years of owning Sadie, my 10 year old (at the time) Thoroughbred mare, were not so great.  From little or no grass, my vet bills were tremendous from colicking episodes.  She was fed along a fence line with an attached bucket where horses moved freely from one bucket to the next.  She wasn't an aggressive mare so she didn't fight to keep her food and consequently was very underweight when I moved to Spoon Blue.  With plenty of pasture and separate stalls and corrals, your horse will not be bullied for his/her twice a day feedings.  Last but not least, Elisa and Geoff live on the property.  Fencing is secured and sick or injured horses are attended to immediately.  Your horse will be given medical attention by them, or if need be, a vet called.

Call me if you need to talk about boarding your horse at Spoon Blue.  Elisa and Geoff continue to be friends of mine and I will never in my lifetime forget the great care they gave Sadie.  She lived to be 31 years old and while June 17, 2008 was one of the saddest days of my life (the day Sadie passed away)-my horse had a great life at Spoon Blue.  I was able to sleep at night knowing she was well cared for and happy.

-Paulette Mueller